ADLG 2 games

Hi all
Had 2 games of ADLG this weekend i am trying out lists for a tournament that is coming up in a few weeks (1000 bc to 500 AD).

first I tried my Greko-indian (46) list with Indian ally.

my opponent opted for Romans and had Triumvirate (82) with Armenian ally

The game started with me forming a line of death stars (elephant with mix units at each side) and the phalanx on the end my opponent had his legionary opposite with some MF on the end of his line while the Armenians tried to take my flank which was protected by MF bow mediocre Mcav mediocre and some LH.

I charged in since I could not stop the Armenians and we slugged it out the elephant generals giving me the win.

Second up was my classical Indians which were up against Hannibal in Italy (7 elephant death stars in total).

As i had more groups and more elephants and better elephants (Elite vs Mediocre) my opponent was defensive, he held a gentele hill in the midle of the battleground and tryed to pressure me on the sides.

Little did he know that my levy, Mf bow mediocre, Mcav mediocre were all veterans of previous battles.

I stayed at firing range and let loose (20 units with range attack out of 26 in the army).

After a few volleys I charged on the hill (in retrospect that was not a good idea).

In the end both of our armies broke on the same round.



Hi all
today at the club we played 5 games of LADLG I took part in 2 of them.

the first was
Han Chinese
1x Strategist commander
2x Hvf sw 2hw
4x Mix (Hvf sw/Mf crossbow)
1x LF bow
1x Brilliant
4x Mix (Mf sw/Mf ceossbow)
2x Mf sw impetus
1x Lf bow
1x Competent
3x Mcav Crossbow
5x LH bow   
My opponent had Triumviratae Romans
1x Briliant commander
7x Hvf sw impact armor
1x Briliant commander
3x Mf spearmen
some Lf bow
1x Competant commander
8x Lh bow

we rolled for initiative and I won and chose to attack on Plains
after we put the teren and set up our armies I was off moved everything up the field hopping to reach the Romans on both flacks as I did not think I could do much with  the legion in the middle.

After 2 moves my Mcav and LH started a shooting dual with the Romans LH. I was pondering to charge or not but the shooting was going ok so I did not charge at all.

On the other flack my sub commander (My friend John his first game) used our Mf command to move through some rough and pressure the Romans who were outnumbered.

In the middle even after 3-4 rounds of shooting the Legion had taken no hits and charged in. Amazingly my Mixed groups held and 2 managed to win the charge but my Hvf sw did not do so well one dropping 3 levls in one combat.

Thankfully the Legion took its time to hit me so my Cav command had killed allot of LH.
In my next Round john Mf command charged in on the Roman Mf and that was it.   

The second game was

Alexander the Great
 Leidang Viking with Feudal German ally

the Viking were under my friend Johns command
and Alexander was under the command of my friend Alexander (yes yes).

For both of them this was their first game in command so I refereed.
In the end the Macedonian phalanx took the game even though the German Medium knights were wining vs the Macedonian cavalry.

Our friend Socrates took pics which I used as I was too tangled up refereeing   



Hi all
Had a very nice game of LADLG with my friend Nick.
Nick is a very experienced war-gamer (DBM,FOG,FOW,FFT3,WH40k,SAGA) but this was his first game of LADLG so he was cautious.

I took Graeco-Indian with
- Briliant commander
2x Pike
2x Mix Indian (MF SW/MF bow)
1x Elephant
1x Md Cav mediocre
- Competent commander with
2x Elephant
3x  Mix Indian (as above)
2x Colonists LF jav
- Kushan Ally Competent commander
4x Cata
3x LH bow
Nick had Republican Roman
with 1 Brilliant commander and 2 competent commanders
each had one Legion of 4 Hastati, 1 Triarii, 2 Velites

As it was Nicks first game we had a chat before we started with some things I have seen up to now in my games (the LF skrin the Heavy units, the interpenetration rules etc).
we discussed our lists and then we went through the teren placement and the planning.

Nick opted to put teren as to minimize the table as his units were not very fast. He then went and set up in the one corner of the board.
As I won the initiative I started at full speed. Nick was surprised with the seep of the game. In turn 2 I was 4 UD away and I would start shooting with my mixed units.

He was very cautious and did not act aggressively something the Roman would have done.
I started the shooting some Hv Foot units started taking hits, but it was one of my LF that was the first to be killed.

After 2-3 turns of shooting and the Roman still trying to fix his line I charged in with Pikes, Elephants, Cataphracts and Mixed units.

the elephants are my sons plastic got them at 1 euro each

Most of Nicks units had taken 1-2 hits so I was feeling confident.
The charge was tremendous (no unit was routed). Nicks line thanks to the impact and armor was holding (barely).

Unfortunately some bad die rolls let my valiant opponent with a gap in his line which I started to take advantage of (I had 1 pike unit with an elephant supporting it fighting with a Triarii unit).
We stoped the game after 1,5 hours as we had to be off.
Nick was still holding on having lost I think 15 points out of the 20 I needed to win but he had 2-3 units at breaking point.

red dice is for cohesion

I had lost 1 unit but my ally command was in a bad way as all the cataphracts were with 2 cohesion makers each and their opponents were in better shape. 



Hi all

A few weeks now i have been catching up on LADLG. The people at the club I play at have started using the rules so I started reading them.

I have played 2 Solo games and 3 vs opponents up to now. So my sons godfather visited for a game today.

My Han Chinese vs his American India or something like that

I had 3 commands
Strategist with
2x Hvf foot Sw 2hw
4x Mix (HvF Sw / MF crossbow)
2x LF bow
Briliant commander with
4x Mix (MF Sw/MF crossbow)
2x MF Sw impetus
2x LF bow
Competant commander with
3x MCAV crossbow
6x LH bow

He had 3 commands as well
all were about the same size
MF SW/Atlatl
MF bow

after we rolled for attacker (Me) and put the teren i had the great idea to send my CAV command on a Flack March (it arrived on the third round)

I won't go into detail about the battle but i will put some key points  

·         The flack march was not my best idea
·         As both of us had shooting we were not too keen on charging into cc

I like the rules as they combine thing I liked in DBM (command PIPs etc) with thing I like in FOG (every one can shoot, cohesion etc)

In the cc the fact that the advantages you can get in normal circumstances vary from +1 to +3 can produce interesting outcomes (when the die wants to help).

example is my MF SW impetus that charged a MF bowman in the open the bowman had -1 cohesion. So the modifiers were +2 for me (Sw + impetus) while my opponent was at -1 (cohesion). I rolled a 2 so total 4 while my opponent rolled a 6 so total 5. I lost and dropped 1 cohesion lvl.

in the end the battle was a draw as we both had 19 lost points 


Long time no news

All of you may have noticed that I have not posted anything since October 2015. It was on October that my wife and I found out that we were expecting our first born. He is now 13 months old and as you can imagine war gaming has taken a second place (not that iv stopped playing).

I have plans to steer him toward war gamming although my wife has objections J

Soon I will start posting again 




Hi all
Had another great game of Pz8 a few days back

The US army attacked a German position

The US had 3 Armored Divisions + 1 armored division in reserve while the Germans had 3 depleted Pz Grenadier divisions

The game was actually very interesting (I stopped taking pictures at some point)

The Germans had each of their divisions around a strong point (Hill in the center and two town)

The US attacked each position with one division and actually managed to take the two towns

But the German hill could not be taken  
Great fun hope to have another game next week 




Hi all.

Finally completed all 3 of my HOTT armies (Zombie Chinese, Skeletons, and Amazons)

And had my first game with the above armies (Amazon vs Zombie)

The two generals placed their respected armies and we started
The centers on both sides moved forward and we had some maneuvering on the flanks

The centers collided and the riders on the side of the Amazons tried to flack vs some hordes 

In the end the Zombies won tha game but just 

It was lots of fun and next up will be the Skeletons vs someone