MEG Maximus (28mm)

 Hi All

We had another game of MEG Maximus this time 28mm figures were used. 

Nobunaga Samurai (Thanasis) vs Free Company (Kostas) 

The two armies set up the battlefield.

The Samurai out-scouted the Free company.

The battle was divided in two sections.

On the right 2 Tugs of knights (one superior, one average) went up against 1 Tug of Pbow cavalry and 2 Tugs (one superior, one average) of long spear. 

The average knights blocked the long spears while the superior knight attacked the pbow cavalry.

After some hit and run the superior knight was destroyed by the pbow cavalry.   

In the center the Samurai ally general was active from the start and samurai long spear men (average and superior) faced off against xbow, Pbow, armored 2-H crush/ melee expert foot. 

The battle in the center was brutal and both sides had casualties. 

In the end (after 3 hrs) game was called and the Samurai had a wining draw (3-2). 

A very close battle which was made even better by the great figures used. 


MEG Maximus

Hi All 

Second out of the 4 games of MEG we had at the club (Strategikon Athens)

Almoravides (Kostas) vs Lusignan (Thrasivoulos)

Lusignan took the initiative of the moves and with strategic interception surprised the Almoravides and attacked them in a relatively very open field.

To the left of the Lusignans there were 2 rough hills. In scouting, the Almoravides proved to be better, initially seeing 20% of the opponents.

The Lusignans attacked all over the front, trying not to leave room for maneuver to the opponent.

The Berbers started pushing at both ends with overcrowding and it seemed that they would quickly gain the sides.

The Westerners launched a fierce attack with the spearhead of 2 TUG knights flanked by heavy infantry.

Half the knights and infantry fell on SSP, I.Shooter, Shieldwall and the rest against LSP, I.Shooter.

The Berbers and Arriere Banner were attacking the hills and with the help of xbow, they defended.

The initial clashes showed despite the tactics that the Lusignans were wining.

The Lusignans put pressure on the entire front, holding a reserve of 4 knights. The Turks passed on the backs of the opponents and transformed into loose cavalry with an obvious purpose. He was pushing the Berber light horse with skirmish from the front. In the center, a heavy infantry of the Lusignans fixes the Black Guard in front and it is hit from behind by shotguns! The Exceptional guard fights hard.

In the center of the battle accumulate terrible losses on both sides. Where there was LSP, the Berbers won, where there was SSP, the West won. On the hill, the Black swordsmen are finally broken by the Arierre.

On the left, the Turks break the encircled ballistic missiles, and in the center, the superior Lamtuna are the first to break an enemy unit that led to a total defeat of the Lusinians.


MEG Maximus


Hi All

Had another game of MEG maximus at Our club in Athens (Strategkon) on Saturday and as always it was very nice.

First out of the 4 games of MEG we had at the club (Strategikon Athens)

My Bahrain Army faced off against Later Crusaders of Vagelis

The match up was a bit in my favor as my favor as my Close foot/ long spear/ shield cover/ integral shooter infantry (9 tugs) was terrifying for the opponent.

We placed terrain (Vagelis putting secured flank with sea).

I opted to send 3 Tugs of flexible cavalry on a flank march and placed some bowmen in a wood on my open side. Vagelis put some infantry and knights ready to move on two gentile hills close to his deployment zone.

Round 1

I Got 2 red cards on the command that was flanking (only needed one) Thanks Vagelis for dealing them.

I moved all my army forward in three echelons while Vagelis took the Gentile hills (one with mixed foot) (one with Knights Fanatics)

Round 2

I moved again my foot forward and entered my cavalry with a double move so i could change from skirmish to cavalry.

Vagelis moved some units around mostly his infantry and some shooty cavalry.

Round 3

I charged one of the hills (it had 1 tug of foot) with 3 Tugs of Long Spearmen and surrounded the other hill with foot and cavalry.

Vagelis sent some knight he had in reserve to help the hill with the knights.

Round 4

I charged the knights that came to help the hill from the flank.

Vagelis at the end of the turn seeing the situation was not good at all surrendered.

A nice game but as mentioned in the start not a good much up for my opponent.



MEG Maximus


Had another great game of MEG Maximus yesterday with my friend George.

I had my Later Northern Song

George was using Jeosen Korean

Needles to say with both had lots of shooting (George had more skilled than me)

After the set up we tied in the scouting and as George was defender he set up units first

Turn 1

We both moved our battle lines forward I stayed at 4 BW in order to shoot with my foot while keeping my cavalry in the far left a good distance from Georges cavalry. George had mixed his Pole arm Tugs with artillery so he I was not going to charge him

Turn 2

George charged with 2 Tugs of cavalry my 2 Tugs of cavalry I opted to skirmish and rolled 1 and 2 respectively. Georges Charging lancers made contact only taking 1 wound from the shooting.

We both fired along the battle line with some casualties.  

Turn 3

Georges Lancers having destroyed my 1 Tug charged the second Tug of horse along with a Tug of Georges horse archers, I rolled a 6 and barely survived but I was at the end of the table so no more running for me.

We both fired along the battle line and I started to get ahead in casualties caused (more dice for me).

Turn 4

Georges Lancers charged my last cavalry I stayed and took the charge.

We both fired along the battle line and George lost his first Tug (Superior Skilled Bow foot).

Turn 5

Georges Lancers turned after they had destroyed my last cavalry and started to threaten my exposed side.

I moved some foot around to buy time.

Georges foot was starting to have problems (4 Tug 1 casualty from breaking)

Turn 6

Disaster strikes my army.

George charges with his horse archers and charging lancers on 1 of my Tugs and I loss the Tug and the general which was with it.

Another General is killed from another Tug I had fighting some Pole arms men.

4 Tugs start taking KaB tests (one for the dead general and one for the Tug that broke).

Aftermath of the KaB test is 3 more Tugs breaking along with my army.


After the battle and much pondering I should had put infantry against the charging lancers and not the cavalry but too late.


MEG Pacto

Hi All

Third game of the MEGathon and I faced off against Socrates.

The Bahrain after two close losses faces Gauls of some short.

Socrates had 7 Tugs of Heavy foot short spear, Devastating charger, melee expert

1 Tug of chariots, 2 Tugs of cavalry and some Tugs of javelin men

the table had some gentile hills and on one I anchored my archers as to get the uphill advantage (I would need it vs heavy foot)

I again out scouted.

Round 1

I moved my right as to have all the advantage I could get from the hill

while my left (cavalry and some foot) pressed forward

Socrates moved his heavy foot up at the best speed he could

Round 2

I had taken positions on the right while on the left I was ready to strike

Socrates continued to move the heavy foot

Round 3

I charged in on the left. I hit a Tug of javelin men with one cavalry on the front and one on the side while the third cavalry hit the chariots

Round 4

Socrates heavy foot charged me it was a bit to his advantage on the charge and the it equaled out in the melee.

But my cavalry after killing of the javelin men and the chariots was in position to hit the heavy foot on the side. Socrates cavalry tried to hold me back.

Round 5

Socrates made 2 gaps in my line (his heavy foot is strong) but my cavalry won me the battle. 


MEG Pacto


Hi All

Second game of Saturdays MEGathlon my Bahrain vs Later Crusader (a Historical let's say match up)

My list same as in the first game had 13 Tugs and 1 Sug

My Opponent a Veteran war gamer with eons of experience (Thodoras) had 9 Tugs and 1 Sug (3 Superior knights and 1 average knight).

The game started with neither of us wanting terrain and only a rough hill falling on the Crusader side .

I out scouted my opponent and we set up. I had all of my Heavy foot up against his knights and mix foot infantry, while my cavalry was set up to exploit a gap that existed between the hill and the enemy battle line on the other side i had archers moving to take the side of the crusader.

Round 1

We both moved up as to charge each other

Round 2

The knights came cursing in unsupported (as they did historically), my spear men held in the impact but started taking casualties in the melee.

My cavalry moved in to take the enemy side as did my archers

Round 3

The knights broke through killing of 3 Tugs only the average knight was held.

My archers and cavalry were in place to charge the sides of the enemy.

Round 4

My foot charged the enemy foot from the front while the cavalry on one side and the archers on the other side hit the enemy.

The archers killed of a Knight that had taken casualties

Round 5

Disaster struck

one of my Tugs was hit by superior knights and it broke in the following KaB tests i lost 3 more Tugs (they were 1 or 2 hits from braking and the yellow dice as i am average is brutal)


A very nice game with lots of side/flank hitting and brutal KaB tests.    


MEG Pacto

Hi All

On Saturday we had as part of the Global MEGathon 2020 our Athens event.

We played MEG Pacto and had 3 rounds (games).

My First game was vs George who apart from a good friend is also my sons god father.

I had Bahrain Qarmatian vs his Joseon Korean.

My list was simple

8 Tugs of Heavy foot with long spear, integral shooters and shield cover

3 Tugs of Flexible cavalry with long spear (unprotected)

2 Tugs unprotected Bow

1 Sug of bowmen

George had

2 Tugs of shooters (one was superior and skilled)

4 Tugs of Foot with Pole arm and artillery

2 Tugs of horse archers (skilled0

1 Tug of cavalry Charging lancers

I won the scouting and George started setting up first  I opted to put all my cavalry in flank move.

George put his foot anchored to a gentile hill and his cavalry on the other side.

Round 1

I moved the bulk of my foot to attack Georges foot while I keep 3 Tugs to hold off his cavalry

George only moved his cavalry.

Round 2

I got the Red card i needed for the flank move to enter

I moved my foot even more towered Georges foot while Georges cavalry was now threatening my side

Round 3

My cavalry entered the table in skirmish formation while my foot hit Georges foot

Georges cavalry hit my foot on the side and things were not looking good.

Round 4

After some initial bad luck (I lost 2 out of the 3 cavalry Tugs from bowmen) my last cavalry Tug hit Georges foot from the side and destroyed 4 Tugs of foot.

My side had all but crumbled by then (I had lost 2 Tugs of spear men and only had 1 Tug of Bow vs 3 cavalry Tugs in the open)

Round 5

George was phasing played and we only had 2 combats we both were one Tug from breaking (one was in Georges favor one was in my favor) George picked the one in his favor and broke my army.


A very nice game with lots of dead and suspense