Black Templar vs World Eaters

 Warhammer 40k 8th edition 

Hi all yesterday we had two very nice games of 40k. 

Traitor Guard + world eaters vs Black Templar (750pts each)

Traitor Guard had 

Battalion Detachment (Renegaids and Heretics) 
2x Renegade commanders 
2x 10 Renegade cultists (catachans xaxa) with Hv Stuber
1x 10 Renegade cultists (catachans xaxa) with flamer

Patrol detachment (World eaters) 
1x Exalted Champion
1x 7 Khorne Berzerkers (champion with power fist)
1x 5 Raptors (champion with Power fist)
1x Rhino 

Super - Heavy aux detachment (Chaos Knight) 
1x war dog 

The Black Templar had 

Battalion Detachment 
1x Emperors Champion
1x Captain 
1x Dreadnought (fist + Melta) 
1x Rhino
3x 5 Crusader squads (with hv weapon each)
1x 5 Crusader squad (with more close combat weapons)
1x 5 Terminators 

The first game was take and hold from the rule book. 

My opponent advanced up to the center of the table with the dreadnought the rhino and the cc squad while the others fired away at me.

I also pressed forward with everything. 

a firefight started and many of my renegades started getting killed.

and by the time i reached the center building which had an objective in it the Templar were in it and had the objective 

The War dog was taking shots at the dreadnought and rhino with its guns and managed some good damage on the dreadnought while the black Templar lascannons and missile launcher could not hit home.


in the end the Chaos space marines got out of the rhino and charged the center building killing all of the Templar in it.
The terminators came in to late to do anything apart from killing a squad of Traitors. 

The Second game was a re mach in which we changed scenario and Black Templar's changed the list a bit  (No dreadnought more space marines)

The only thing that I remember (have picks of) is one renegade commander fighting it out vs 4 Terminators in a house. He lasted for 2 turns (for 25pts that is amazing)



The second thing is a loaded rhino getting charged by Chaos space Marines.

In the end the Traitors won both games



Hi All

Had 2 very nice games of ADLG on Saturday

First up was a battle for the club tournament we are running.

My three kingdom Koreans vs Vikings

My List 
Ordinary included commander unreliable
1x hv cav impact elite
1x hv cav impact
1x Med cav impact
2x LH bow

Competent commander
2x Hvf pike
3x Hvf Sw/2hw
2x Mf sw/2hw mediocre
2x Lf bow

Competent commander CinC
3x Cataphract
4x Mf spear/cb
1x LF bow
2x Mf bow mediocre

1x Lh bow 

As my opponent had mostly (only 2 cav) infantry he set up in a line of Heavy foot with some MF on the one side and planned to move forwards.

From my side I set up 2 commands opposite to him and the 3rd (as small cav command) went on a flank move (they entered on turn 3 J ).

The two main points of the battle was the side my cav came in and the other flank where the MF faced off against Cataphracts.

In the end I won having suffered some losses in the middle.

The second game was vs Abbasid Arab

I made a mistake in the set up and my small cav command was put in the wrong side.

Further to that I rolled 1s on the first roll and could not redeploy them in time.

My opponent being very good would and did not forgive that.

My Koreans did what they could but the loss of the whole command did not help.

In the end we broke taking many  of the Abbasids with us to the grave.

18/22 for tha Abbasids - 25/25 for the Koreans 


Pulp Alley AAR 

Hi all
I had the rules for some years but had not been able to play the game until now (and 2nd edition is coming). 
So I took my solo deck made two teams (Good vs Bad)

Both teams were built about the same size:
3-4 allies
2-4 followers
The figures I used were WW2 Germans with some native Africans vs asciri, colonial hunters, and Arab riflemen.

Picked smash and grab scenario put some terrain and started.

The game was very nice, fun and quick.

The solo deck was very interesting and the game move smoothly with it.
In the end the good won 

I will be running another game soon


Battletech Alpha Strike 

Hi all

In continuation to my previous post on Battletech we had a go at Alpha strike last week.
It was a small game about 150 points per side.

We used the hex maps as it was our first game and wanted to make it as easy as possible with the measurements and LOS.

We both had about equal forces 2 mechs, 1 tank, 3 infantry each.

The battle was fast and fierce.

We both made mistakes the most important of which was that the mechs get blown away much faster than in classic battletech (I lost a Dervish in 1 round of shooting).

I love calcic battletech but alpha strike will give us the opportunity to put lots of staff on the table.

We will be continuing our test in both classic and alpha strike.




Hi All

I have had battletech for almost 7 years but have not played very much of it.

So a few weeks ago a friend had a game at the club and I was fascinated by it.

So I went to the basement got out the boxes and have had a few games since.

I have both classic battletech and Alpha strike (got alpha strike last week) here are some photos of the games.

More to come.


ADLG 2 games

Hi all
Had 2 games of ADLG this weekend i am trying out lists for a tournament that is coming up in a few weeks (1000 bc to 500 AD).

first I tried my Greko-indian (46) list with Indian ally.

my opponent opted for Romans and had Triumvirate (82) with Armenian ally

The game started with me forming a line of death stars (elephant with mix units at each side) and the phalanx on the end my opponent had his legionary opposite with some MF on the end of his line while the Armenians tried to take my flank which was protected by MF bow mediocre Mcav mediocre and some LH.

I charged in since I could not stop the Armenians and we slugged it out the elephant generals giving me the win.

Second up was my classical Indians which were up against Hannibal in Italy (7 elephant death stars in total).

As i had more groups and more elephants and better elephants (Elite vs Mediocre) my opponent was defensive, he held a gentele hill in the midle of the battleground and tryed to pressure me on the sides.

Little did he know that my levy, Mf bow mediocre, Mcav mediocre were all veterans of previous battles.

I stayed at firing range and let loose (20 units with range attack out of 26 in the army).

After a few volleys I charged on the hill (in retrospect that was not a good idea).

In the end both of our armies broke on the same round.



Hi all
today at the club we played 5 games of LADLG I took part in 2 of them.

the first was
Han Chinese
1x Strategist commander
2x Hvf sw 2hw
4x Mix (Hvf sw/Mf crossbow)
1x LF bow
1x Brilliant
4x Mix (Mf sw/Mf ceossbow)
2x Mf sw impetus
1x Lf bow
1x Competent
3x Mcav Crossbow
5x LH bow   
My opponent had Triumviratae Romans
1x Briliant commander
7x Hvf sw impact armor
1x Briliant commander
3x Mf spearmen
some Lf bow
1x Competant commander
8x Lh bow

we rolled for initiative and I won and chose to attack on Plains
after we put the teren and set up our armies I was off moved everything up the field hopping to reach the Romans on both flacks as I did not think I could do much with  the legion in the middle.

After 2 moves my Mcav and LH started a shooting dual with the Romans LH. I was pondering to charge or not but the shooting was going ok so I did not charge at all.

On the other flack my sub commander (My friend John his first game) used our Mf command to move through some rough and pressure the Romans who were outnumbered.

In the middle even after 3-4 rounds of shooting the Legion had taken no hits and charged in. Amazingly my Mixed groups held and 2 managed to win the charge but my Hvf sw did not do so well one dropping 3 levls in one combat.

Thankfully the Legion took its time to hit me so my Cav command had killed allot of LH.
In my next Round john Mf command charged in on the Roman Mf and that was it.   

The second game was

Alexander the Great
 Leidang Viking with Feudal German ally

the Viking were under my friend Johns command
and Alexander was under the command of my friend Alexander (yes yes).

For both of them this was their first game in command so I refereed.
In the end the Macedonian phalanx took the game even though the German Medium knights were wining vs the Macedonian cavalry.

Our friend Socrates took pics which I used as I was too tangled up refereeing