PzFaust (WW2 20mm)

PzFaust (WW2 20mm) 

Hi all another weekend another game
This time we played Panzer Faust (WW2 20mm) rules

The Battle was an encounter (as per the rules) 1944on one side was the

ARMY of Farmers and workers  
1x Infantry Company  (about 30 bases) and attached 2x Su-152 Conscript reliable
1x Self propelled Battery (1x T-34/76 + 4x Su-76) and attached 2x Su-85 Conscript reliable


The Huns
1x Volksgrenadier Company (about 30 bases) Conscript reliable
1x reduced strength Panzer Company (3x Panthers) Veteran Elite

As per the rules each turn each company roles a orders dice (1 D6) and that is how many orders it has (Conscripts re roll 5 and 6 while Veterans re roll 1 and 2) and players alternate moving companies (conscripts go first and so on)

We had 3 Obj along the center of the table (1x Hill + 1x Forest + 1x Farm).
The USSR plan called for the infantry to go for the hill and the forest while the Tanks went for the farm. As all of the USSR was conscript they moved first along with the German infantry, this gave the German commander an advantage as his Veteran tanks always moved at the end and he had an idea of what his enemy wanted to do so the German tanks went for the farm as well.

After a few turns of movement a fire fight started on the left of the battlefield as the 3 Panther tried to stop the 7 soviet tanks. The soviet commander put his T-34/76 on hull down position on a hill overlooking the farm and ordered the rest to charge in.

The outcome was a first for us (we had never seen this in any rules we have played) after many round of shooting 2 Panthers had lost their main guns but were still operational. The soviets had 3 immobilized tanks and 3 destroyed tanks and one fully operational (Su-76 hidden behind the farm). The German commander who was left with only one Panther had managed to pass all his tests (as had the soviet) and was starting to brake off with his wounded Panthers.

On the other side of the table the infantry was moving very slowly and never managed to come to contact although the Su-152 that were attached to the soviet infantry managed to fire a few shoot at the German foot causing some casualties      

In conclusion it was a very good game full of suspense. We will certainly have a few more games in the coming weeks. But we need to get transports for our infantry so it can get close to the Obj fast 




Last Saturday we had another game of FFT3 (Modern). The scenario was loosely based on the 1990s friction between Russia and Ukraine concerning the naval bases of the former USSR.

In our scenario Russia took the bases with special forces and attacked to make a buffer.

The Russian infantry attacking

The forces
Russia good
2 light para battalions (Inf)
2 para assault battalions (BMD + Inf)
Rocket launchers in support
Ukraine fair
3 BTR rifle battalions (BTR + Inf)

The Ukrainian Reservs

As we set up the Board the Ukrainian commander seeing his 3 OBJ (2x Towns + 1 Hill) decided to put 1 battalion in each town and to keep the third in reserve close to the hill. The Russians on the other hand decided to attack the Town close to the hill with their infantry and use the BMD battalions to attack the further most town.

The Russian attack from two sides 

As the assault (BMD) battalions attacked the Russian art fired a few smoke rounds to cover their move.
When they were close the infantry disembarked and they all assaulted the Town. Both sides put up a good fight in the Town but after a few rounds the Ukrainians gave way, the Russian losses were substantial.

The assault battalions then turned and started to go for the hill. The Ukrainian commander seeing this ordered his reserve battalion to disembark its troop on the path of the incoming BMDs. The battalion ATGMs started to take shots at the incoming Russians taking out a few BMDs.

The aatck on the first Town

Finally the Russian infantry battalions started to assault the second Town. The Ukrainians against all hope held the Town until the end of the game.  

The attack on the first Town

When we finished the game each had a town and the Ukranians held the hill, but they (Ukrainian) had lost 1+3/4 battalions.

The Ukranians


FFT 3 (Modern) Campaign

FFT 3 (Modern) Campaign


The USSR is advancing in all fronts the NATO forces are under immense pressure. The NATO SHAPE (supreme headquarters allied powers) decides that an attack must be made in order for the pressure to be relieved on the other fronts.

The place is the Crimean peninsula deep behind enemy territory. The force that will be used is a mix of USMC battalions and regular W. German army units.

The goal is to capture the peninsula and hold it. So as to force the enemy to bring forces from other fronts to re take it. And finally to break off via the sea.

The combatants:
1. USSR special forces
2. E. German Reserve forces
3. W. German




A few days back a friend and I played a FFT3 WWII points based game.

The game was set in 1944.

The opponents USSR vs Germans

We wanted to try out the point system so we both made our lists at 2500 pts and each one could pick whatever he wanted but no more than 3 air units.

I went with the USSR and picked 3 Brigades (Horde player) 1x Tank Brigade (fair), 1x RS Inf Brigade (fair), 1x Cav Brigade (with attached IS-2 battalion) (good) and 2 air units (rockets and cannons).
My opponent (Panzer Takis) picked 1x Hv Tank Battalion (9 Tiger tanks) (good) 1x Panzer Battalion (6 Panthers) (good) and 3 air units (cannons).

 The game was an encounter and as we set up Panzer Takis was not very happy with his choice of units. We had 3 Obj (2 towns and a road junction) all along the center line of the table.

My plan was simple use one brigade to get each Obj and hold it. Panzer Takis still in shock from the army lists went for the central town with both battalions and hoped for the best.

The first 2 round went by fast as both opponents used strategic move to go for the Obj. but the USSR due to the fast moving units it had especially in the center (T-34s) got to all of the Obj first.

The Luftwaffe and Soviet air force were fighting over the battlefield and the first plane to arrive was a Soviet one that due to bad luck (die roll) dint hit any of the 3 Panthers in tis cannons path.

Panzer Takis was steadily advancing for the central town and I dicided to put the tank brigades SMG battalion in the town and start pull the T-34s back as they were no match for the Tigers and Panthers in open ground. I also started sending units from the two other Obj to support the center (Is-2 and some Inf)

The IS-2 started to hit the German tanks from the side while the 76mm & 45mm ATGs from the town also shot at them (the ATG were not a match for the Panzers heavy armor)

Finally Panzer Takis came close to the town and started firing at the inf inside. Unfortunately for him the Soviet infantry charged out and took out some tanks

By then the Panther battalion had taken casualties and had to make a test which it failed and Panzer Takis having lost 2 Tigers as well called the game.
I think Panzer Takis will start getting more infantry in his lists after this game.