Magic the Gathering last Saturday

Hi all 

For the last few weeks we have been playing lots (and i mean lots) of MTG games at the club 

So last Saturday about 6-7 us got together and played MTG
The decks are listed below (if I remember correctly) all are Modern

Mono red Goblin deck (me)  
Goblin Rabblemaster - M15 Spoiler
20 land 
4 Obelisk of Urd 
4 Door of Destine 
2 Hall of Triumph
4 Spikeshot Elder 
4 Goblin Rabblemaster 
4 Krenko's Command 
4 Goblin Shortcutter 
4 Dragon Fodder 
4 Frenzied Goblin 
4  Foundry Street Denizen 
2 Skinbrand Goblin 

Eldrazi deck (big creatures lots of annihilation)

White/Blue (flying deck)

Red/Black (fast and furious)

Mono white (token deck)

Mono Green

Mono Black

So with started with a multiplayer game, it had lots ups and downs but in the end the Eldrazi won the game. The highlight was when 3 Eldrazi creatures with 10 annihilation toke on the token deck which had 10-14 token soldiers on the field (ha ha ha)
Then we went on to have some 1 vs 1 games
First up were my Goblins vs the Eldrazi.
1.       I drew 3 land, 1 door of destine, 1 obelisk of Urd, 1 Goblin rabblemaster, 1 Spikeshot Elder.
I won (he drew land hahaha) and played land + Spikeshot.
He played land and an artifact (which lets him search his deck for a card blabla).
 I played another land and drew Krenko’s command and played it I also attacked for I with the spikeshot.
He played another land and used his artifact to get a land (he had those lands that favor the Eldrazi and are If you have one of each on the field they get more mana per land)
I played a third land drew land and tapped my 3 goblins to put in the Obelisk (all creaturs got +2/+2)
He played his third land (the one he got with the artifact) and from what I could see he had 3 land that gave him about 7 mana (his cheapest creature had 8 mana cost)
I played my fourth land drew Goblin shortcutter and played door of destiny, I attacked with my 3 goblins for 9 damage so he was down to 10
He played a land and put in an Eldrazi creature with 8/8 or something like that with 2 annihilation.
I played my shortcutter  and the door got a counter so all Goblins had +1/+1 from the door and +2/+2 from the Obelisk, I attacked with 3 Goblins for 12 damage he blocked one and killed it so I passed 8 damage (he was down to 2 damage)
He played a land and another big creature (this one with 3-4 annihilation)
So it was my turn I had 3 Goblins with 4/4 each he was down to 2 life and he had 2 creatures. He gave me the game.

Games 2 and 3 went his way as he got his creatures in faster than I could damage him but that’s life 

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