China vs Taiwan - 1967

After Action Report Battle Group Modern Rules

Description battle Sino-Taiwanese conflict of 1967

The battlefield in Taiwan 
The scenario was an encounter and after the initiative roll the Chinese opted to play first and the Taiwanese would have the choice of the side they entered.


China Paras
1x BHQ
2x Para companies
Lots of transport planes for them (Il-14)

1x BHQ
1x Recce Company
1x Mech infantry company
1x Mobile AA platoon
1x Art Battery

After the OBJ were placed on the map the general started to issue orders to their troops.
The Chinese would para drop the 2 companies far apart (on the 2 OBJ) having the BHQ as a link (after all a Chinese para company is quite Large) and after taking the 2 OBJ the paras would take defensive positions.
The Taiwanese would take the one OBJ close to their table edge and then they would advance in force to take one of the other OBJ.
The Taiwanese Recce Company
The game started with the Taiwanese Recce company entering first (in all encounter battles the recce forces come in first) and moving at flat out speed for the OBJ.
Elements of the 1st Chinese Para Company

In the next turn the first company of Paras started dropping all the paras landed apart from some Hv Weapons (82mm RCL) that were on one II-14 that was hit by Taiwanese AA and crashed before entering the table. The paras were quick to take the OBJ
The second companies of paras landed without a problem like they were on drills (no losses at all).
The Taiwanese Recce Company at Dongshan

As both Chinese paras had landed and gotten ready the Taiwanese were at Dongshan village. Their mission was to make a reconnaissance of the village of Dong about 1-1,5 km from Dongshan. The recce company was followed by the Mech infantry about 2 km behind them. The Mech infantry was ordered to hold Dongshan as the recce company would move forward.
The positions of the 2nd Chinese Para Company near to Dong village
As the Chinese had set up defensive position along the road to Dong and in the second OBJ the Taiwanese were still trying to get information as to where the Chinese had landed.
As the Taiwanese recce company exited Dongshan the Chinese foot started to spot the vehicles of the Taiwanese (M3 halftracks and tanks). The Chinese ordered the small mortars the 2 companies had to open fire on the Taiwanese (60mm Mortars). 
The Taiwanese Recce moving towards to the 2nd Paras Company

The Taiwanese were moving of road (thus slowly), the Mech infantry was dismounting in Dongshan.
The Taiwanese under heavy fire
The Chinese having spotted the rece company plotted the mortar fire with accuracy. The Taiwanese were completely surprised, 2 Tanks burst into flames (needed a 20 on a D20 for that) the infantry in the open top M3 started jumping from the APCs and the company commander ordered a retreat to Dongshan. The commander of the Mech infantry in Dongshan seeing the rece company in full retreat orderd his mortars to fire a small smoke screen to cover the retreat.
Traffic jam into the Dongshan 
As the 2 Taiwanese companies started to amass in the village of Dongshan panic started spreading amongst the men. It had taken the Chinese only a few mortar shells and the Taiwanese were in panic. The Taiwanese BHQ finally arrived in Dongshan and after assessing the situation the BHQ ordered a full retreat from Dongshan.
A Taiwanese Company retreating

In this battle we witnessed for the first time the breakdown in communications in an army. The Taiwanese had issued their orders but in no part of the battle did they change their original plan. The recce company after losing only 2 tanks (5 tanks and few M3 with troops) was forced to retreat (commander got scared he would lose them all).
The Chinese Paras even though the recce got to about 500m of them did not open fire thus did not reveal their position until the mortars opened up.



john fasoulas said...

A very good AAR.
As I was in command of China it was fun :)

Vaggelis said...

Shame on you...

Kostas Konstantoulakis said...

Great report!

Yiannis Mathioulakis said...

I was in command of Taiwan..! :( One in the series of battles that i gave and introduced me to BGMR...!