French vs W. Germans - 1969

Battlegroup Modern - After Action Report 

At 1969 French and W. German battalions made military exercises in secret near to the Warsaw Pact's border. The Czechoslovakians were watching...

The map:

Location: Germany, somewhere near Regensburgh

           W. German forces:                             French forces:
        Gen. Niklas Miliorzeiss                      Gen. George Manis

1xBHQ(1xM577A1+2xSpz 12-3)
1xCHQ(2xSpz 12-3)
1xCHQ(2xAMX-VCI) #1
1xCHQ(2xSpz 12-3)
1xCHQ(2xAMX-VCI) #2
1xPlatoon(3xSpz 12-3) #1
1xPlatoon(3xAMX-VCI) #1
1xPlatoon(3xSpz 12-3) #2
1xPlatoon(3xAMX-VCI) #2
1xPlatoon(3xSpz 12-3) #3
1xPlatoon(3xAMX-VCI) #3
1xPlatoon(3xSpz 12-3) #4
1xPlatoon(3xAMX-VCI)  #4
1xPlatoon(3xSpz 12-3) #5
1xCHQ(1xAMX-13/90 (IRNF))
1xPlatoon(4xAMX-13/90 (IRNF)) #1
1xPlatoon(3xRakette) #1
1xPlatoon(4xAMX-13/90 (IRNF)) #2
1xPlatoon(3xRakette) #2

A French company with the support of tanks and the staff of Colonel Manis quickly took 2 OBJ stipulated by the mission. 
German A /T Rakkette caused the loss of 4 of the first French tank battalion with successful shots of SS-11 missiles, but the French kept their morale. The damaged vehicles cut the visibility of German anti-tank and shut the door so the two German battle teams that followed were forced to perform maneuvers in woodlands north and south, in order to reach the middle OBJ, but that had as a result the teams beiing delayed significantly. 
This fact was exploited in the best way by the French Commander by strengthening the first company with the 2nd also supports by tanks, while the third was sent south to prevent a possible maneuver the Germans from the south. 
While the French foot of the first company disembarked from the APC and took battle positions in the woods. The one German team, moving north, encountered problems and had virtually no involvement in the battle. On the other hand the 2nd team reached the outskirts of a forest in the southern sector and landed his infantry to move under cover to OBJ.
At this point, the vehicles of the 3rd French company had earlier offloaded the organic infantry elsewhere in the same forest. The 3rd French was spotted by the German commander and he ordered the APC to address their respective French counterparts. The French reacted calmly answering the fire.

The exchange of fire between the German and French APC was hard, with losses on both sides. Meanwhile, the Germans attacked the French infantry who replayed with fire and came out winners (proving themselves better at the melee that followed). Then the French counterattacked causing additional losses to the Germans, using them away from the OBJ.

At this point the NATO Headquarters declared the end of the exercise.


Yiannis Mathioulakis said...

It was a very interesting battle! Our generals are new to the game but both of them enjoyed it..! I think so.. :P

john fasoulas said...

Go USSR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let them kill each other

Yiannis Mathioulakis said...

Your turn comes my dear John...!!! ;) :P

Nick Milioritsas said...

If I the german commander can do this to my NATO ally friends, imagine what I will do to my enemies!!!

Vaggelis said...

I enjoy to watch NATO allies to kill each other! Lovely!

Yiannis Mathioulakis said...

All NATO allies exercise how to kill the reds..! muahahaha... ;)


It is so tragic seeing the Allies killing eachother (hahahahaha). It seems that they will use all of their ammunitions before the battle with us. They will kill us with Western jokes!!!!

Γιώργος Μάνης said...

Don't worry my Dear Κουρούπη, i will use another ammunition specially designed for you.