FFT3 - WW2

Hi all
On Saturday we had a very interesting game of FFT3 WW2 at the club
It was set in June 1944 the night before D day and 3 Battalions of US Paras/Gliders are dropped behind the beaches in order to secure two villages on the main road to prevent reinforcements.
The Germans only had some Ost units in the area and had to prevent the US from taking the villages.

US Forces
1x Para Battalion (full) Excel 
2x Glider Battalion (full) Excel 
4x 105 Hw 

2x Ost (USSR - Croats - Turks) Battalion (full) Fair 
1x Kampfgruppe  Aveg (3x Sdkfz222, 9x Cav) 

The Map

After the Germans set up the US start the first turn with the para drop

The German commander after getting up decides to attack the paras while they are still gathering their forces

He sends his Kampfgruppe (3x Sdkfz222 and 9x Cav) to attack while his Ost battalions dig in the towns

The paras after getting on the ground start advancing on the towns

But after a few minutes the German Kampfgruppe hits them in a wheat field in front of the town
The battle is fears but the superior training of the paras gives them the victory in the field

After taking care of the only good German unit the paras begin the attack on the two towns

Even though the Ost Battalions put up a fight they are outmatched and are rooted

In the end the US are victorious they have taken both towns and have rooted the Germans
The Germans managed to inflict many losses on the paras (two Glider battalions were under 50% strength but managed to pass the tests needed) but in the end the towns had been lost

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