DBA 2.2

DBA 2.2

Last Saturday we had a few games of DBA 2.2
The main opponents were the Early Samurai (4x CV, 5x AX, 3x BW) versus a variety of opponents (Medieval Vietnamese, Nan-chao).

First battle

Samurai vs Vietnamese 

The Vietnamese (defender) decided to make a battle line with their AX,Wb,Bd4 and put the Big elephant with the general in the far side. The Samurai seeing what the Vietnamese had in mind set up as to stop them (Ax vs the Elephant) and Bws vs the Cv.

The two lines collided piece by piece as the PiPs did not help the two commanders.
The final result was 4-2 for the Vietnamese (thanks to the Elephant)

Second Battle
Samurai vs Nan-chao 

The Samurais after losing to the elephant (Vietnamese) faced the PK of the Nan-chao. Again Samurai are attacker and after seeing the deployment of the enemy deploy accordingly. Against the Pk are Samurai Bw in two ranks as to hit them hard with shooting, the Cv is against the Nan-chao Cv, the samurai Ax are against the Nan-chao Bw and Ps.
The first few turns go by quick and then the Samurai Ax come in contact with the Nan-chao Ps+Bw with devastating results for the Ps+Bw.
At this point the game is 3-2 for the Samurai and then it happens the Nan-chao general is pined and killed in a 2-2 battle 

More to come

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