V&B campaign (First AAR)


My self and two M8 started a campaign using V&B it is set on the war of the fourth coalition. 
I will be playing the French, Alex will be the Prussian general and Takis will be playing Prussia's allies (Mostly Russia) 

After talking about it we opted to use Blucher's campaign system.
We set the max at 10000 pts (V&B) and each side has 2-5 counters on the map representing the points.   

After Maneuvering a bit the first action was upon us one Prussian counter met a French one and a battle was ready to start. 

The French army was 2000 pts strong comprising of
1st Corps 
1x Hv Art 
2 Inf divisions each with 3 Inf Regiments (4-5,NE,PT,DG) 

2nd Corps 
1x Hv Art 
2 Inf divisions each with 3 Inf Regiments (4-5,NE,PT,DG) 

3rd Corps 
2 Cavalry divisions each with 1 Hussar regiment (2-5,light cav,may skirm) & 1 Hv Cavarly Regiment (2-6 Hv cac) 
1 Inf division with 3 Inf Regiments (4-5,NE,PT,DG)
The Prussians army was also 2000 pts strong comprising of 
1st Corps 
2 Inf divisions each with 4 Inf Regiments + 1 Foot Art 

2nd Corps 
2 Inf divisions each with 4 Inf Regiments + 1 Dragoon Regiment 

3rd Corps 
1 Avaunt Guard division with 2 Light inf Battalions and 3 Hussar Regiments 

We set up the teren as per Blucher campaign rules 
The two villages are worth 2 VP each the two Hills are worth 1VP each and the crossroad is worth 1 VP. 

The Prussian won the initiative and started first and the French followed.

It was evident from the start that both generals meant to hold the two villages and the main battle would be waged on the left of the French.

The French guns went on the hill and the Prussian guns on the other hill. The guns started firing while troops maneuvered below them.

On the Left of the French one French foot division and two cavalry divisions faced of against 2 Prussian foot divisions and the Avaunt guard while Prussian guns one the hill started to fire. 

One the French right the Prussians moved forward as to pin the French forces in place. 

The French left Corps commander (Calvary mostly) would have non of that he charged the Prussians with his Foot and Cavalry hoping to catch the Prussians of balance. 

The Charge was not that successful as you can see from the disorder markers. 

After the French attack that failed the Prussians moved forward as to press their advantage. But they had not calculated correctly. 

As their foot moved forward the two French cavalry divisions charged in two Heavy and two Light regiments hit them as they were moving. 

The Prussian divisions were exhausted and started pulling back from the hill. 

The Prussian commander started to make a second defensive line in front of the village. Pulling troops back as to try and save them from the advancing French. 

And he Finally makes the defensive line. 

The French general had 5 VP and the Prussians were left with 2 VP (the village). 
At this point we both decided to call of our troops as the campaign has a long way to go and we both had some casualties. 
The final score was 5-2 for the French and we both had about 215 pts casualties.

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Bill Owen said...

Great to see you doing a campaign. A challenging project to keep going so let us know when it resumes.