Air War: C21

Air War: C21

Hi all 

A few days back I got Air War: C21 (PDF version) 
I had read very good things about the game so I got it 
After reading it 2 times (all 25 pages of rules) I tried it out 

 I made a datasheet for the plains i was to use (Mig-17 vs A-4H) Arab Israeli war 1973 

The A-4H was on a CAS mission armed with 2 AIM-9 and 4 big bombs 
It was intercepted by a Mig-17 
The Israeli pilot was rated as Average while the Arab was Poor 

After a few turns of maneuvering the two planes were close and the action started 

The Mig got a few shoots of first as the bombs made the A-4H heavy 
I fired a Sustained burst (3 ammo) getting 2 extra d6 and got 2 hits on the A-4H 
But that was but a scratch 

The A-4H made a Barrel roll and Turn move and got on the Migs rear and fired with its guns Sustained burst again making 3 hits on the Mig 

The A-4H opted to do a tailing move thus staying on the Migs rear 
Finaly the Mig exited the table after the pilot could not shake of the A-4H 

The game took us about 1 Hour it was very nice we all liked the special move cards which gave it a flavor
The rules are very well explained with lots of examples.
Even though we had AAM on the A-4H we dint use them and used only the guns of the aircraft. 
The A-4H had a very big advantage with the 2 sidewinders and the better gun but the 4 Big booms helped equalize things. 
We are going to play again next week with more aircraft.   

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