V&B campaign (Second AAR)


Hi all

A few weeks back we played the second game of our V&B campaign (dint have time to post it)
So here we go

The French are attacking the Prussians this time and having to pass a river to do so (xaxaxa)

The game started with the Prussians set up on the map and the French entering from one side and in different turns 

By turn 3 the french had passed the mountains and are ready to assault the river via the two bridges 

The battle was fierce both sides used musket fire and artillery to soften up the opponent before charging in 

The French using their sharpshooters in front got an advantage with the saving throws 

while more troops pored in 

After a few rounds of charge and counter charge the first French units passed the river 

The Prussian commander seeing he could not hold the French started pulling troops back as to save what could be saved 

When the battle was over we followed the campaign rules for recovery of units and so on 
All 3 of us had a good time playing the game 
The outcome was very close to what I was expecting would happen in reality 
The rules as always were great and easy to follow and we actually stop only once to check a rule