Pz 8

Pz 8

Hi all 

We had another game of Pz 8 Divisional Modern this time. 

We set up a game in 1985 W. German vs USSR
The Germans had 2 Pz Grenadier Brigades 
1 Pz Brigade and the Divisional assets in a small task force 

The USSR had 3 BTR Brigades 
1 Tank Brigade and the Divisional assets in a small task force 

We rolled and the Germans would defend the two villages on the map with the USSR attacking 

The Germans went first and opted to defend one village with 1 PzGr Brigade and the other village with the task force while the second PzGr Brigade was stationed behind an hill as reserves the Pz Brigade was to start rolling to enter the table after turn 2

The USSR attacked on 3 lines.
2 BTR Brigades attacked the left village (defended by the task force) 
1 BTR Brigade and the task force attacked the right village (defended by the PzGr Brigade)
While the tank Brigade was in the middle in reserve. 

The USSR attack on the right was a decoy and after a few battles in and around the village the Soviets pulled back.
The fact that the German Pz Brigade came in to support the village also helped the Soviet commander to pull back.

On the left village the Soviets attacked with 2 BTR Brigades and 1 Tank Brigade 
even the PzGr Brigade that came to help the task force in the town could not do much.

Finally the Soviets took the village on the left but that was not enough to win them the battle. 

As always the rules were very nice and the battle went without a hitch. 
Nick (my opponent) had a very good time and even though he is a fun o FFT 3 he enjoyed the low complexity of the set.

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