DBA 2.2

DBA 2.2

Hi all yesterday my friend Takis came over and we played 4 games of DBA

In the first game we put Byzantines vs Egyptians. The two armies were very similar both had lots of Cv and Bw(x)

The two opponents put their battle line one against the other but on the Egyptian left a hill dominated the area and both wanted to take it.

Unfortunately for the Byzantines the Egyptians got there first with some Ps

The Byzantine lost a Ps trying to get the hill  

It was downhill for the Byzantine after that
The Egyptians started turning the side of the Byzantine as the two Battle lines clashed
4-1 for the Egyptians 

Second game 

In the second game the Byzantine took on the early Crusaders

The two armies had many distinct differences, The Kn for starters and the Sp for second

The Crusaders sensing that they had no troops to cover their sides preferred to charge in to hit the battle line of the Byzantine before the Lh and Cv of the Byzantine could flank them

The Byzantine tried their best to flank the Crusaders as the Crusaders moved forward but due to lack of PIPs
 So the two battle lines hit each other

Lots of back and forth left the Crusaders winners 4-2 

Third game

In this one the Hoplite Greeks faced of the Persians

This was the most fun for me game (I was the Persian) as the Cv, LH, Ps troops run circles around the Greeks 

I attacked only with my right flank and managed to kill the 1 Ps and Cv that the Greeks had defending 
The game was over with a 4-1 for me 

We both enjoyed the games it was good fun it took us about 2 hours to play all the games 

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