DBA 2.2

DBA 2.2

Hi all had a very long time to play DBA so I got some armies out called a friend over and played some Egyptian vs Crusaders games.

The Egyptian had
1x Cv (general)
5x Cv
3x Bw (x)
1x LH
1x Ps
1x Bd

The Crusaders
1x Kn (general)
3x Kn
5x Sp
2x Ps
1x Wb

The Egyptians defended (+1) while the Crusaders attacked (+4)
This gave the crusaders the chance to put their Kn in the best position as to cause most damage

The two battle lines closed in while the Egyptian Bw(x) with some nice shooting took out a Kn.

As the two lines got closer the Egyptian LH which was on a flanking move appeared and along with 2 Cv tried to kill a Kn 

But the Kn was not that easy to kill 

The two lines collided and the Crusaders started pushing the Egyptians back 

On the hill to the right of the Egyptians a Bw (x) and a Ps faced off with a lone Wb
The Shooting did not do much as you can see

The melee that followed was not very good for the Egyptians

All in all it was a very fun game.
Both of us had no problem with the rules. 

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Phil said...

Nice looking armies!