ADLG 2 games

Hi all
Had 2 games of ADLG this weekend i am trying out lists for a tournament that is coming up in a few weeks (1000 bc to 500 AD).

first I tried my Greko-indian (46) list with Indian ally.

my opponent opted for Romans and had Triumvirate (82) with Armenian ally

The game started with me forming a line of death stars (elephant with mix units at each side) and the phalanx on the end my opponent had his legionary opposite with some MF on the end of his line while the Armenians tried to take my flank which was protected by MF bow mediocre Mcav mediocre and some LH.

I charged in since I could not stop the Armenians and we slugged it out the elephant generals giving me the win.

Second up was my classical Indians which were up against Hannibal in Italy (7 elephant death stars in total).

As i had more groups and more elephants and better elephants (Elite vs Mediocre) my opponent was defensive, he held a gentele hill in the midle of the battleground and tryed to pressure me on the sides.

Little did he know that my levy, Mf bow mediocre, Mcav mediocre were all veterans of previous battles.

I stayed at firing range and let loose (20 units with range attack out of 26 in the army).

After a few volleys I charged on the hill (in retrospect that was not a good idea).

In the end both of our armies broke on the same round.

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Mike B said...

Love the figures and the terrain maps especially!