Hi all
today at the club we played 5 games of LADLG I took part in 2 of them.

the first was
Han Chinese
1x Strategist commander
2x Hvf sw 2hw
4x Mix (Hvf sw/Mf crossbow)
1x LF bow
1x Brilliant
4x Mix (Mf sw/Mf ceossbow)
2x Mf sw impetus
1x Lf bow
1x Competent
3x Mcav Crossbow
5x LH bow   
My opponent had Triumviratae Romans
1x Briliant commander
7x Hvf sw impact armor
1x Briliant commander
3x Mf spearmen
some Lf bow
1x Competant commander
8x Lh bow

we rolled for initiative and I won and chose to attack on Plains
after we put the teren and set up our armies I was off moved everything up the field hopping to reach the Romans on both flacks as I did not think I could do much with  the legion in the middle.

After 2 moves my Mcav and LH started a shooting dual with the Romans LH. I was pondering to charge or not but the shooting was going ok so I did not charge at all.

On the other flack my sub commander (My friend John his first game) used our Mf command to move through some rough and pressure the Romans who were outnumbered.

In the middle even after 3-4 rounds of shooting the Legion had taken no hits and charged in. Amazingly my Mixed groups held and 2 managed to win the charge but my Hvf sw did not do so well one dropping 3 levls in one combat.

Thankfully the Legion took its time to hit me so my Cav command had killed allot of LH.
In my next Round john Mf command charged in on the Roman Mf and that was it.   

The second game was

Alexander the Great
 Leidang Viking with Feudal German ally

the Viking were under my friend Johns command
and Alexander was under the command of my friend Alexander (yes yes).

For both of them this was their first game in command so I refereed.
In the end the Macedonian phalanx took the game even though the German Medium knights were wining vs the Macedonian cavalry.

Our friend Socrates took pics which I used as I was too tangled up refereeing   

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