A few days back a friend and I played a FFT3 WWII points based game.

The game was set in 1944.

The opponents USSR vs Germans

We wanted to try out the point system so we both made our lists at 2500 pts and each one could pick whatever he wanted but no more than 3 air units.

I went with the USSR and picked 3 Brigades (Horde player) 1x Tank Brigade (fair), 1x RS Inf Brigade (fair), 1x Cav Brigade (with attached IS-2 battalion) (good) and 2 air units (rockets and cannons).
My opponent (Panzer Takis) picked 1x Hv Tank Battalion (9 Tiger tanks) (good) 1x Panzer Battalion (6 Panthers) (good) and 3 air units (cannons).

 The game was an encounter and as we set up Panzer Takis was not very happy with his choice of units. We had 3 Obj (2 towns and a road junction) all along the center line of the table.

My plan was simple use one brigade to get each Obj and hold it. Panzer Takis still in shock from the army lists went for the central town with both battalions and hoped for the best.

The first 2 round went by fast as both opponents used strategic move to go for the Obj. but the USSR due to the fast moving units it had especially in the center (T-34s) got to all of the Obj first.

The Luftwaffe and Soviet air force were fighting over the battlefield and the first plane to arrive was a Soviet one that due to bad luck (die roll) dint hit any of the 3 Panthers in tis cannons path.

Panzer Takis was steadily advancing for the central town and I dicided to put the tank brigades SMG battalion in the town and start pull the T-34s back as they were no match for the Tigers and Panthers in open ground. I also started sending units from the two other Obj to support the center (Is-2 and some Inf)

The IS-2 started to hit the German tanks from the side while the 76mm & 45mm ATGs from the town also shot at them (the ATG were not a match for the Panzers heavy armor)

Finally Panzer Takis came close to the town and started firing at the inf inside. Unfortunately for him the Soviet infantry charged out and took out some tanks

By then the Panther battalion had taken casualties and had to make a test which it failed and Panzer Takis having lost 2 Tigers as well called the game.
I think Panzer Takis will start getting more infantry in his lists after this game.

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