PanzerFaust (20mm figs) 2 AAR

PanzerFaust (20mm figs) 2 AAR 

Hi all this weekend we had 2 games of Panzerfaust ww2 (20mm) 
I had arraigned a game with my friend Alex (1943 Italians vs French colonial Troops) but he called and told me he would be late so my friend Dimitris stepped in his USSR troops would defend vs my Italians (1500pts vs 750pts)

The Italian force
1x SELF PROPELLED Company with attached BERSAGLIEN MOTORISED INFANTRY platoon (conscript)  

1x Soviet Rifle Company with attached 2x Zis3 guns (conscript)

The scenario was attack defend and the USSR set up in 2/3 of the table the Italians came in from their base line.

 Dimitris set up one platoon on each of the OBJ and the third was in reserve in a wood between the two OBJ his plan was simple hit them hard before they get close he had 2x Zis3 guns and 3x ATR as well as all his infantry with Molotov cocktails

My plan was to attack the hill on the left with my mech infantry and surround the town with my tanks and make ruble of it

I started of well with hi order dice. I used the woods to cover my attack.
The party started as I got close around the hill a firefight started with my foot moving closer and closer to the hill

On the town the plan was not going well my tanks started tanking hits from the ATRs in the houses and one Zis gun in the wood. I dismounted my one infantry platoon with the tanks and moved them in

After 2 hours of fighting my troop took the hill making the enemy troops run for it. On the town front I made the mistake of attacking the town with my tank (big no no) and I lost about 3 out of the 7 I had in the test that followed I rolled 1 and 2 and my Tanks run for it as well
At the end we each held one OBJ and had about 40% loses each 


Shaun Travers said...

Thanks for posting. Seems like the rule are working ok. Version 4 is on my list to try now as well as version 3!

john fasoulas said...

Shaun hi

We are using V4. The direct fire rules are very good