PzFaust (WW2 20mm)

PzFaust (WW2 20mm) 

Hi all another weekend another game
This time we played Panzer Faust (WW2 20mm) rules

The Battle was an encounter (as per the rules) 1944on one side was the

ARMY of Farmers and workers  
1x Infantry Company  (about 30 bases) and attached 2x Su-152 Conscript reliable
1x Self propelled Battery (1x T-34/76 + 4x Su-76) and attached 2x Su-85 Conscript reliable


The Huns
1x Volksgrenadier Company (about 30 bases) Conscript reliable
1x reduced strength Panzer Company (3x Panthers) Veteran Elite

As per the rules each turn each company roles a orders dice (1 D6) and that is how many orders it has (Conscripts re roll 5 and 6 while Veterans re roll 1 and 2) and players alternate moving companies (conscripts go first and so on)

We had 3 Obj along the center of the table (1x Hill + 1x Forest + 1x Farm).
The USSR plan called for the infantry to go for the hill and the forest while the Tanks went for the farm. As all of the USSR was conscript they moved first along with the German infantry, this gave the German commander an advantage as his Veteran tanks always moved at the end and he had an idea of what his enemy wanted to do so the German tanks went for the farm as well.

After a few turns of movement a fire fight started on the left of the battlefield as the 3 Panther tried to stop the 7 soviet tanks. The soviet commander put his T-34/76 on hull down position on a hill overlooking the farm and ordered the rest to charge in.

The outcome was a first for us (we had never seen this in any rules we have played) after many round of shooting 2 Panthers had lost their main guns but were still operational. The soviets had 3 immobilized tanks and 3 destroyed tanks and one fully operational (Su-76 hidden behind the farm). The German commander who was left with only one Panther had managed to pass all his tests (as had the soviet) and was starting to brake off with his wounded Panthers.

On the other side of the table the infantry was moving very slowly and never managed to come to contact although the Su-152 that were attached to the soviet infantry managed to fire a few shoot at the German foot causing some casualties      

In conclusion it was a very good game full of suspense. We will certainly have a few more games in the coming weeks. But we need to get transports for our infantry so it can get close to the Obj fast 


Shaun Travers said...

Interesting game! I brought Panzerfaust Armored fist 3rd Edition a long time ago (10 years? 15 years?) and they seems OK - same scale as Tractics, similar in detail but different in mechanics. I got an electronic copy of Version 4 and it is significantly changed - order dice; infantry move 5cm not 8; longer infantry weapon ranges; infantry is based not individuals; different casualty table and heaps of other minor changes! The jury is still out with me if V4 or V3 is better. I think V4 would actually be faster but V3 is simpler. However, if I was to use V3, I would crib a little bit of stuff form V4 (such as order dice and how close each base has to be). thanks for sharing. It got me reading both rules (V3 and V4) again.

john fasoulas said...

Hi Shaun

We are using the free version. Infantry moves 5cm and are based on 4cmX4cm bases (2-4 figs per base)
I think we are both talking about V4