Starmada Fleet ops

Starmada Fleet ops 

Hi all 

Few days back I got Starmada Fleet ops for my collection. 
I printed the counters and with a few friends we gave the rules a try. 
We found them very fast and very easy to learn. 

We made two fleets 250 pts each from the fleet options in the rules.
On the one side we had the Imperial Fleet:
3x Valiant class DE
1x Concordant class CV 
1x Belligerent class CL 

On the other side was the Arcturan Fleet:
2x Hayabusa class DD 
1x Raikou class BB
1x Izanagi class CCG

As you can see from the above pic the two fleets set up in the same manner. 

The battle began with both fleets surging forth.

The Arcurians had a small advantage in range and started firing first. 
But the terrible die roll dint help them.

Both fleets had weapons that gave many advantages and both had a large number of fighters. 
So the heavily armored ships of the Arcturians came under fire from the Triple damage weapons of the imperials.

After about an hour of battle it was all over. 
The badly damaged ships of the Imperials had driven off what remained of the Arcturian fleet. 

We all had fun playing this game. 
I have played Full Thrust for many years as well as Battlefleet Gothic and Babylon 5 and I have to say i was impressed with Fleet ops. So i went out and got Starmada X brigade as well. 



Shaun Travers said...

While I have it but have not played it, I am impressed with my reading of it. One day I may actually play with them. Another ruleset on the list to do....

pulcherius said...

Fleet Ops is current with Starmada Admiralty edition. You might want to pick that up. Or the latest edition is Starmada Nova, you can see Fleet Op's influence on the game 's design.

Shaun Travers said...

I have Starmada Nova, but not Admiralty. Fleet Ops and Nova are the only versions I have. Fleet Ops looks easier to start with.