Volley and Bayonet

Volley and Bayonet 

Hi all we had our second game of V&B on Saturday. 
French vs British at 2000pts each. 

The French had about 8 small divisions 
6 Infantry Divisions (mostly PT,NE) and 2 Dragoon Divisions 

The British had 5 divisions
4 Infantry Divisions and 1 Cavalry Division 

As you can see from the pic above the French started at full speed to come in contact with the British. 
their plan was to attack the British head on using their cavalry on the right to threaten the forces in the village while all the French foot attacked the rest of the British. 
The British plan was to use the village in their center as an anchor and attack for the side of the hill. 

The French plan was working well as the British had wasted a full Division to guard the village. 
The British commander was still confident his higher moral and training would beat off the French. 

The two forces came to firing range and the fire fight started.
All the French foot had Dedicated guns apart from the Horse art in the Divisions so the extra die helped. 
   The two British Elite Brigades tried their best with charge after charge on the French but they were just to many. 

At that point the French commander ordered one of his two Dragoon Divisions to leave the area close to the town and to circle around it and hit the British from the flank.

The British commander had not blocked the edge of the table (above pic)

and the French can passed behind the town (above pic)

Finally the French made a gap on the British line and started to exploit it (above pic)

At this point the British commander started withdrawing his forces for the battlefield.


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Phil said...

Nice looking game!