Volley and Bayonet

Volley and Bayonet 

Hi all 

On Saturday we had a small game of Volley and bayonet at the club. 
It was a points game 1000pts per side. 

the French had one Corps with the following 
3x Prov Inf Division (3 Brigades with DG) 
1x Light Cav Division (2 Hussar + 1 Horse Art) 
2x Horse Art (attached to the Corps HQ) 

The British had one Corps with the following 
2x Inf Divisions (3 Brigades + 1 Elite Brigade + 1 Field Art)
1x Cav Division (3 Med Cav + 1 Horse Art) 

 the French holding the village on the left and the British ready to charge in 

We had 3 villages as OBJ set up around the table. 
The British went first and started at full speed for the OBJ. 
The French from their side did exactly the same. 
Along the front line the two opponents started to slug it out. 
The British foot was vastly superior but their commander had deployed them not in the best manner. 
The two infantry divisions were set up one to the left and the other to the right of the table and only the Cavalry division was in the middle. 

The French command took advantage of the situation as one infantry division was holding the village on the left (pic 1) 2 infantry and one cavalry division attacked the British center and right (pic 2).
The French pressure payed off as the British cavalry division started taking casualties and had to be pulled back. 
The British made attempts to take the left village and actually got close thanks to the Elite Brigade they had but the French held. 
Overall everyone (4 players) had fun. 
The rules are very good and give a good filing of the era. 

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Phil said...

Nice looking game!