FFT 3 

Hi all this saturday we played a game of FFT 3 
The setting was in Germany in 1985. The two adversaries were W. Germany vs USSR 

the map 

The W. Germans had:
1x Panzer Battalion with attached infantry company (AVG)
1x Jager Battalion on foot (SUP)
1x Jager Battalion on foot (SUP)
3x F-4F (with Bombs) 
3x 20mm AAG 

The USSR had:
1x Assault Para Battalion (Good)
1x Assault Para Battalion (Good)
1x Light Para Battalion (Good)
1x Light Para Battalion (Good)
1x BTR Battalion (Fair) 
4x Su-20 (with Rockets) 
3x 152mm Art 
1x ZSU-23
1x SAM mobile

The Germans 

We rolled and it was an encounter and the Germans went first. 
My opponent (A veteran gamer) sent his Leopard 2A2s in the midle sported by a company of foot in APCs 
while his 2 foot Battalions came on the sides as to block any attempts on my part.

The Leopards 

I on the other hand had a great plan (which as always went to hell)

 The Assault Battalion 

I opted to attack from the sides with my assault battalions in the center I put the BTR battalion (as to keep the Leopards occupied) and to para drop the two light battalions (this would be our second para drop using the rules) 

The second Assault Battalion 

My plan started well as my opponent did what I was expecting. Both our air forces started making their appearance and I actually managed to destroy a Leopard (I dint like those tanks as they had 13 front armor and B vs Heat ammo while my best AT weapon had 12 pen)  

The Germans are coming !!!!!

I put what i could of the BTR battalion on a hill and hoped for the best as the German tanks came close. On the sides where I had hopes for victory my battalions set up to attack the German foot. 

ZSU-23 vs infantry rocks 

The German foot had 2 ATGM Milans per Battalion and as they were Superb the Milans got an extra shoot. This I had not counted on :( 

The Milans are on the hill 

Both of my attackes started off badly as the Milans hit hard on my units. But after the first shoots my ART and plains came in and helped out. 

No more Milans :) 

A fire fight started in both sides and both forces were close to braking when the paras came from above. 

The paras after many many Q tests 

The paras fell in and around the an enclosed field so had to take Q tests ( I actually passed them all). 

The BTRs attack the Leopards 

In the middle the situation was terrible for me so I opted to attack. In the end I lost the lot of them but the Leopards did nothing all game. 

The German foot 

In the end I managed to get the 2 light para battalions out of the board. I broke one Jager battalion but lost 3 battalions (2 assault battalions and the BTR battalion).

The game was one of the most enjoyable in some time. Both of us had lots of fun. 
The para drop as is in the rules is very good and both time we used it we had no problems. 
The Superb troops the German had was very very tough the Q test were on 2+ and even my Good paras (with BMDs) had lots of problems. 

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