Tales of Blades and Heroes

Another weekend passed and we continued our adventure.

we have passed the fort and had reached the tomb o a great Dwarf warrior that have been killed by one of his friend because of a woman (who said that RPG adventures dont come from true life) 

Our heroes finally got in the tomb and found the ghost of the warrior.
He told them his story and asked them to help him rest. Our heroes opted to help him. 
And finally succeed. 
Before the ghost left he gave them instruction to the Tomb of one of his companions where great treasure was hidden.

The group found the Tomb and entered only to find it guarded by some Skeletons. 
A great battle started 

Even though it seemed that our Heroes would be killed. 

They finally prevailed. 
The treasure was truly great (over 6000 coins and some magical teams) 

All the PC enjoyed the game.
And after having played quit a few games now we have started to see many more options the PC could get. 

Till next time 

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