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A few weeks now i have been catching up on LADLG. The people at the club I play at have started using the rules so I started reading them.

I have played 2 Solo games and 3 vs opponents up to now. So my sons godfather visited for a game today.

My Han Chinese vs his American India or something like that

I had 3 commands
Strategist with
2x Hvf foot Sw 2hw
4x Mix (HvF Sw / MF crossbow)
2x LF bow
Briliant commander with
4x Mix (MF Sw/MF crossbow)
2x MF Sw impetus
2x LF bow
Competant commander with
3x MCAV crossbow
6x LH bow

He had 3 commands as well
all were about the same size
MF SW/Atlatl
MF bow

after we rolled for attacker (Me) and put the teren i had the great idea to send my CAV command on a Flack March (it arrived on the third round)

I won't go into detail about the battle but i will put some key points  

·         The flack march was not my best idea
·         As both of us had shooting we were not too keen on charging into cc

I like the rules as they combine thing I liked in DBM (command PIPs etc) with thing I like in FOG (every one can shoot, cohesion etc)

In the cc the fact that the advantages you can get in normal circumstances vary from +1 to +3 can produce interesting outcomes (when the die wants to help).

example is my MF SW impetus that charged a MF bowman in the open the bowman had -1 cohesion. So the modifiers were +2 for me (Sw + impetus) while my opponent was at -1 (cohesion). I rolled a 2 so total 4 while my opponent rolled a 6 so total 5. I lost and dropped 1 cohesion lvl.

in the end the battle was a draw as we both had 19 lost points 

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