Hi all
Had a very nice game of LADLG with my friend Nick.
Nick is a very experienced war-gamer (DBM,FOG,FOW,FFT3,WH40k,SAGA) but this was his first game of LADLG so he was cautious.

I took Graeco-Indian with
- Briliant commander
2x Pike
2x Mix Indian (MF SW/MF bow)
1x Elephant
1x Md Cav mediocre
- Competent commander with
2x Elephant
3x  Mix Indian (as above)
2x Colonists LF jav
- Kushan Ally Competent commander
4x Cata
3x LH bow
Nick had Republican Roman
with 1 Brilliant commander and 2 competent commanders
each had one Legion of 4 Hastati, 1 Triarii, 2 Velites

As it was Nicks first game we had a chat before we started with some things I have seen up to now in my games (the LF skrin the Heavy units, the interpenetration rules etc).
we discussed our lists and then we went through the teren placement and the planning.

Nick opted to put teren as to minimize the table as his units were not very fast. He then went and set up in the one corner of the board.
As I won the initiative I started at full speed. Nick was surprised with the seep of the game. In turn 2 I was 4 UD away and I would start shooting with my mixed units.

He was very cautious and did not act aggressively something the Roman would have done.
I started the shooting some Hv Foot units started taking hits, but it was one of my LF that was the first to be killed.

After 2-3 turns of shooting and the Roman still trying to fix his line I charged in with Pikes, Elephants, Cataphracts and Mixed units.

the elephants are my sons plastic got them at 1 euro each

Most of Nicks units had taken 1-2 hits so I was feeling confident.
The charge was tremendous (no unit was routed). Nicks line thanks to the impact and armor was holding (barely).

Unfortunately some bad die rolls let my valiant opponent with a gap in his line which I started to take advantage of (I had 1 pike unit with an elephant supporting it fighting with a Triarii unit).
We stoped the game after 1,5 hours as we had to be off.
Nick was still holding on having lost I think 15 points out of the 20 I needed to win but he had 2-3 units at breaking point.

red dice is for cohesion

I had lost 1 unit but my ally command was in a bad way as all the cataphracts were with 2 cohesion makers each and their opponents were in better shape. 



At the forth photo, i see the 3 roman blocks ,1 entirely behind the other. I feel this was a mistake in set up as the 3 commands must strictly be depoloyed [left-center-right] .shaping 3 clear rectangulars with no intermingle.

Anonymous said...

Hi, being interested in ADLG I'd like to know how Nick felt about the game. Did it feel right to slowly loose due to the pressure set upon him by the more active Player?

Nick Milioritsas said...

I nick liked it. Great presentation of our game john.