FFT 3 (Modern) Campaign

FFT 3 (Modern) Campaign


The USSR is advancing in all fronts the NATO forces are under immense pressure. The NATO SHAPE (supreme headquarters allied powers) decides that an attack must be made in order for the pressure to be relieved on the other fronts.

The place is the Crimean peninsula deep behind enemy territory. The force that will be used is a mix of USMC battalions and regular W. German army units.

The goal is to capture the peninsula and hold it. So as to force the enemy to bring forces from other fronts to re take it. And finally to break off via the sea.

The combatants:
1. USSR special forces
2. E. German Reserve forces
3. W. German


Jon Yuengling said...

You have me watching. As this is the Crimean Peninsula why are their German forces instead of other Southern Front forces.

john fasoulas said...

We were thinking of Greeks and Turks to assist the USMC but if such a war happened the Greeks and Turks would have their hand full with Bulgaria Romania and USSR (second & third rate forces) going for the Straits.
So it was W. Germans or French