Last Saturday we had another game of FFT3 (Modern). The scenario was loosely based on the 1990s friction between Russia and Ukraine concerning the naval bases of the former USSR.

In our scenario Russia took the bases with special forces and attacked to make a buffer.

The Russian infantry attacking

The forces
Russia good
2 light para battalions (Inf)
2 para assault battalions (BMD + Inf)
Rocket launchers in support
Ukraine fair
3 BTR rifle battalions (BTR + Inf)

The Ukrainian Reservs

As we set up the Board the Ukrainian commander seeing his 3 OBJ (2x Towns + 1 Hill) decided to put 1 battalion in each town and to keep the third in reserve close to the hill. The Russians on the other hand decided to attack the Town close to the hill with their infantry and use the BMD battalions to attack the further most town.

The Russian attack from two sides 

As the assault (BMD) battalions attacked the Russian art fired a few smoke rounds to cover their move.
When they were close the infantry disembarked and they all assaulted the Town. Both sides put up a good fight in the Town but after a few rounds the Ukrainians gave way, the Russian losses were substantial.

The assault battalions then turned and started to go for the hill. The Ukrainian commander seeing this ordered his reserve battalion to disembark its troop on the path of the incoming BMDs. The battalion ATGMs started to take shots at the incoming Russians taking out a few BMDs.

The aatck on the first Town

Finally the Russian infantry battalions started to assault the second Town. The Ukrainians against all hope held the Town until the end of the game.  

The attack on the first Town

When we finished the game each had a town and the Ukranians held the hill, but they (Ukrainian) had lost 1+3/4 battalions.

The Ukranians

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