FFT 3 

Hi all and a happy new year 

It has been a very fruitful month for us with lots of games. 
My first report for the year.

We had a FFT 3 game 1985 USSR vs West Germany at 3000pts 

the battlefield 

I opted for a Marine regiment with 3 BTR battalions and a Tank battalion with T-55 (with missiles) I did not take any artillery only 3 planes.
My valiant opponent NICK took 2 battalions in APCs and a battalion of Leopards. He also took 3 planes and 2-3 helicopters with missiles. 

I opted to attack the town to my left where my opponent had 1 battalion of infantry. I charged in with 3 battalions of BTR marines and attached tanks. 

On my far right NICK made an advance with his other infantry battalion but infantry unsupported was not a much of an advance 

Both of our air forces started entering the table taking shots at the others tanks and APCs 
I had all my planes armed with rockets while NICK had GP bombs 

NICKs choppers took out a few of my vehicles but it was not enough to do much. 

when I finally got to the town I charged in and after a firefight I took it 

 We both enjoyed the game
Nick was not very happy with his choppers but he had only opted to give each one only one missile pod which gave him 2 shots each (if I remember correctly) 
His Good moral gave him a advantage over my fair troops but the numbers gave me victory in the end 

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