Starmada Fleet ops

Starmada Fleet Ops 

During the past month we had a couple of games of Starmada Fleet ops and Starmada Admiralty.

As usual we used the hex grid for all the games.

The miniatures we used are soft plastic from US toys (75 ship in the bag).

All the games we played run smoothly and non took over 2 1/2 hrs.
Our youngest player was 11 years old and he actually beat me in his first game.

The game mechanism is very easy to get and all of us had no problems.
The small amount of record keeping in fleet ops was a point all player made and made the game more enjoyable.
The order system was another point all players liked and found it give a good feel to the game.

I have now finished 4 fleets of about 18-19 ships each (Black, Silver, White, Red as their colors)
Hope soon to be able to post more AARs with miniatures

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