Tales of Blades and Heroes

Hi All 

A few weeks now we have started a RPG quest using Tales of Blades and Heroes 

Our heroes are in search o the resting place of a great Astrologist and have stumbled across a small outpost

The Fort with our Heroes inside

The Heroes lineup

The Barbarian fighting two Ork axemen on the ramparts

The Heroes enter the chamber of the Ork Boss, who is protected by 4 Ork spearmen

The Heroes inside on of the houses in hand to hand combat vs some Orks

The wizard and the Elf find a hidden stairway in one of the rooms leading to the dungeons

Dwarf vs Ogre (hahahaha who will win)

We love the rules.
They give a good feeling and are not overly complex.
The combat is not slow and the skills and attributes are very well balanced


Anonymous said...

Did you use standard measuring sticks for the movement of figures?

john fasoulas said...

No we converted the distance to hexs (one inch per hex)